The Magai reach the surface of Kartikeya in an abrupt move. They are confused and must now venture out and figure out how to live in this entirely new habitat. Feeling outlandish, the Magia group together in sections that feel all too similar. (Grande Success) After generations on the planet, what is actually 500 years, the Magia have sustained life. During this time the Magia have started to learn that they have magical powers that their ancestors did not have before. Harnessing this they quickly begin to see that some faiths are more powerful when it comes to fighting. This brings chao to Kartikeya. (All In) The Magia have been fighting over power for centuries and have come to terms, understanding the need for harmony. Or it seems they understand the need for harmony. A secret society was created to keep the peace between everyone. And for a long while it works. (Venti Failure) The secret society all but is destroyed and disperses through the world. In an eruption of noise unheard before, the Vhelmensa start to alarm everyone of a catastrophe that is yet to come. The Tecnics all but ignore the warning, where the Magia have no choice but to adhere to the screams of the Vhelmense. Trying to figure out the problem, the Magia see the problem to be the Tecnics radiation of the world. Upset by this they ultimately destroy the systems that allow the Phalenx Ring to hover above Kartikeya. (Revisit the Soapbox) As the Phalenx Ring falls to its doom the world goes into a state of chaos never witnessed before. The world has become distraught with raging fires and floods that are entrenching into major land masses. After a few decades of chaos the world has seemingly come to an equilibrium. The Magia blame the Technics and start to utilize their powers to control and ultimately enslave the Technics. Without realization the Technics have now become marginalized just as they have marginalized the Magia before. Time goes on, but with the extra stress of the magic being used on the Technics and the technology destroying parts of the planet, the world starts to crumble. Little by little this is noticed as time moves forward. (Main Event Showdown)