Main Character Groups: Edit

There are two main groups. The Tècnic and the Màgia.

The Tècnics: Edit

With the Tècnics there are six separate Factions / Districts:

The Righteous: Edit

The organizational leaders (the politicians): Lacitilop

The Pragmatic: Edit

The financiers (the economists): Econa

The Ascendant: Edit

The military leaders (the military / police): Miliger

The Autonomous: Edit

The athletically advanced (the athletes): Salete

The Orthodox: Edit

The scientific leaders (the scientists): Jasci

The Transcendent: Edit

The creative leaders (the artists): Arance

All the Tècnics fall under a political leader group called the Mobo Council. Seemingly those that call themselves Tècnics have no adverse realtions with each other. However, when the Tècnics come face to face with a Màgia they are likely to turn them into the authorities or act upon the laws of the state.

The Màgia: Edit

Within the Màgia there are six separate Factions / Districts:

The Humane: Edit

The Healers (faith is Sanitatem): Megia / While in the Alturbs: Lacitilop

The Ambitious: Edit

Fire Manipulators (faith is Ignis): Aagia / While in the Alturbs: Econa

The Pragmatic: Edit

Earth Manipulators (faith is Terra): Tergia / While in the Alturbs: Milger

The Self Indulgent: Edit

Knowledge Manipulation (faith is Cognitionis): Bodon / While in the Alturbs: Salete

The Ascendant: Edit

Arcane Manipulation (faith is Scio): Midagia / While in the Alturbs: Jasci

The Righteous: Edit

Light Manipulation (faith is Lux): Luxgia / While in the Alturbs: Arance

While in the Alturbs the Màgia hide themselves and their beliefs from the Tècnics. They coexist in the separate districts for a time. However, when faith is outlawed and the penalty for believing in anything other than the technology is death, the Màgia flee from the Alturbs to the surface of Kartikeya. Each faith moves to a region of their own. While on Kartikeya, there is a time of darkness where the faiths are battling for dominance of each other. Until the chaos is subsided there is fighting within the entire Màgia.