Phalenx Pamphlets: Edit

During the Magia purge on the Phalenx Rings, each Magia received a pamphlet based on who they are. They would go onto their internet and take a questionnaire and a few days later they would receive their own personalized pamphlet that would lead them to sector two.

Personal Pamphlets: Edit

Real world people are able to visit the Phalenx Systems home page where they can take they survey. A few days later, they will receive a pamphlet that has their personalized Phalenx System ID and give them access to a part of the Phalenx System website that they can only access if they are part of that group of people. On the other hand, if those people receive a pamphlet saying they are with a group of the Magia, they will receive a pass-code to a personalized part of the website for their group of people.