Katrikeya is the result of multiple asteroids colliding together with such force that they stuck. The history of Kartikeya calls this the "Holy Trinity Collision". This was the dawn of a new time. Thousands of years after the Holy Trinity Collision occurred nature on Kartikeya was peaceful, and humanity was humble. After long, excavating through Kartikeya, humanity started to discover new technology and adapt from it. After a few hundred years with this new technology humanity has adapted and created a way to live off of the planet and yet still be connected. Humans built the sky cities. This event was known as Human Elevation. During Human Elevation, people began to move up and started to disregard the naturalistic world below. A thousand years has gone by and the sky cities have flourished. Technology has ruled the lives of all those in the sky cities. One day technology has overshadowed faith so much that the reigning government decided to get rid of faith. In secrecy people who had more faith in anything other than technology were to be killed in a genocide, so they fled back to the natural world of Kartikeya.