Kartikeya is a magical planet where the evolution of technology has pushed humanity of the planet into interstellar cities. Humanity has all but forgotten the power of nature. There are those who believe in technology, Tècnics, and those select few who believe in a power greater than technology, called Màgia.

As technology continues to grow, the Màgia have become oppressed. Oppression eventually turns into genocide. In order to escape the genocide, the Màgia must escape the sky cities and pilgrimage to the surface of Kartikeya below. Once there the Màgia must refuge together for all to survive.

After centuries living and evolving with nature, the Màgia start to develop natural abilities, called Galdor. With time these abilities have created disputes within the different sects of the Màgia. As the abilities grow, the true faith that caused the Galdor is lost. Disputes between the sects are dividing the Màgia even more and conflict has arisen. Nature has divided the Màgia. With centuries turning into millennia the Màgia have come together with nature in true harmony.

With all the time, nature has suddenly changed creating a visible mist of unknown origin. This mist slowly has encompassed Kartikeya destroying animals, plants, and the different Màgia sects way of life. The leaders of each sect have banned together to understand where the mist's origins are. Understanding the mist is truly not a mist, the Màgia now understand that the people who live in the sky are polluting the world, destroying it.

Upset, the Màgia have concluded that the Tècnics way of life must be destroyed in order for the world to continue. The Màgia begin an attack and start a war with the Tècnics. After a century of fighting, outwitted by the Tècnics, the Màgia have one last maneuver to destroy the Tècnics, the destruction the bases of each city in orbit.

This creates mass chaos as each city falls to Kartikeya's surface. The Tècnics' survivors are now stranded on the surface of Kartikeya, forced to live with the Màgia. As the Màgia still believe in themselves over everything, they force those who don't have the power of Galdor to do the menial tasks of their communities.

The Màgia now start to oppress the Tècnics. With all the mayhem of the crashing cities, the world has been turned upside down. The stress of the Tècnics cities hitting the surface of Kartikeya, and the overwhelming use of the Galdor by the Màgia, and Kartikeya starts to destroy itself.

At the start, the Màgia believe they can handle this and try to put the world back in order. They ultimately fail and turn to the Tècnics to save the world. The Tècnics try to use their technology and ultimately fail. With both races of people failing, the two then come together and combine Galdor with the advanced technology, stopping the world from destruction and finding a balance in nature.

Living together, as one, in true harmony with nature.