Heaven Shall Fall: Edit

Act 1: Edit

Normal World: Edit

Peace was seemingly everywhere in the world. There was harmony until one day things changed.

Monkey Wrench: Edit

Silent alarms were going off all over the Phalanx Sectors, but the Mobo Counsil wouldn’t hear of it, and so, the problem went unanswered. None of the Jasci could find where the problems were, nor could the scanners. It was deemed a glitch in the aging system.

Enter Bizarro World: Edit

The alarms were never silent in Terseema, they sounded off every third day like Vhelmensa (Whale People) breaching from the waters with ear piercing cries that are terribly beautiful warnings of danger.

Act 2: Edit

Grande Success: Edit

The Bodon warned us peace would not last if we didn’t learn to truly live together. Now, we will force their hand if they will not listen to reason, the Vites (Manmade Vines) must come down if we are to survive.

All In: Edit

Seven were chosen to make the decision, all masters of their respective faiths. It took 30 days with the interrupts of the alarms, we managed to keep the sound out of the main living areas. In the end, the decision wasn’t when but how the Vites would come down.

Venti Failure: Edit

Spies, people with connections to Terseema that lived in the Sectors provided details on how the Tecnis maintained the Vites. The Seven then set up an appointment with the Mobo Counsel for the annual peace parties that the generation before us said would keep us safe. We did what no one in 50 years has dared to do. We started a war.

Return To Soapbox: Edit

On the Fête de la paix (Peace Day) 6 of the 7 went to meet the Mobo Counsel, they politely discussed the alarms, shared data, and talked of solutions. As the festivities commenced the seventh used her knowledge to destroy the Vites. She had only a moment, once all the connections were severed The Phalanx Ring would be no more.

Act 3: Edit

Main Event Showdown: Edit

“Sacrifices must be made,” was the decision of the Seven and so The Phalanx Ring began to fall from the sky.